Consignment Contract

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The Artist named above and the Gallery (Savvy) will be referred to as "Gallery" for purposes of this contract" hereby enter into the following Agreement:

1. Consignment. The Artist hereby consigns to the Gallery, and the Gallery accepts on consignment, those Artworks listed on the attached Inventory Sheet which is a part of
this Agreement.  Inventory sheets must include a brief description of Artwork and retail price. Additional Inventory Sheets may be incorporated into this
Agreement at such time as both parties agree to the consignment of other works of art.

2. Duration of Consignment. The Artist and the Gallery agree that the initial term of consignment for the Artworks is to be  3  (months), and that the Artist may not request their
return before the end of this term.
Thirty (30) day notice must be given to the gallery to remove your work even if you plan to remove it on your contract end date. During the
consignment perioid , if the Gallery requests that the Artist take back any or all of the Artworks the Artist shall comply  promptly. If Artist does not remove items when contract
date expires or  has failed to contact the Gallery to renew contract or give 30 days notice for removal all Artists property will become the sole property of the Gallery. Savvy
retains the right to renew all contracts month to month after 90 day initial contract if artist is in good standing.  
(The artist must contact the Gallery by Email to to give notice or make removal arrangements – phone calls are not accepted)  WE WILL NOT CONTACT YOU THIS IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.

3. Transportation Responsibilities. Packing and shipping charges both ways, insurance costs, other handling expenses, and risk of loss or damage incurred in the delivery
and return of Artworks from the Artist to the Gallery shall be the responsibility of the Artist.

4. Responsibility for Loss or Damage. The Gallery shall not be responsible for the consigned Artworks while they are in its custody, however The Gallery will use care in
handling and displaying Artworks. Insurance on Artwork is the responsibility of the Artist.

5. Fiduciary Responsibilities. Title to each of the Artworks remains in the Artist then passes directly to the purchaser. All proceeds from the sale of the Artworks shall be held
in trust for the Artist. Artist is responsible for all tax responsibilities. The Gallery shall pay any amounts due the Artist in good standing within 30 days of removal. The Gallery
has the discretion to refuse payment if all contractual obligations have not been met.

6. Pricing; Gallery's Commission; Terms of Payment. The Gallery shall sell the Artworks only at the Price specified on the Inventory sheet and added commission. The
Gallery and the Artist agree that the Gallery's commission is to be
40% percent of the Retail Price of the Artwork. Any change in the Retail Price, or in the Gallery's
commission, must be made in writing and agreed to in advance by the Artist and the Gallery.

7. Promotion. The Gallery has the right to promote the sale of the Artworks by displaying them in the store and at the Gallery's discretion promote them on the store website,
social media sites or by means of advertisement in print or otherwise.

8. Inventory: The Artist shall have the right to inventory his or her Artworks in the Gallery by Appointment with the Gallery during the Gallery's normal business hours with
advance notice.

9. Termination of Agreement. Gallery may request that the Artist take back any or all of the Artworks consigned. The Artist shall comply promptly. Early termination by Artist
must be made in writing and Artist agrees to a termination fee of $99 for gallery costs incurred upon early termination.

10. Miscellany & Choice of Law. This Agreement represents the entire agreement between the Artist and the Gallery. If any part of this Agreement is held to be illegal, void, or
unenforceable for any reason, such holding shall not affect the validity and enforceability of any other part. A waiver of any breach of any of the provisions of this Agreement
shall not be construed as a continuing waiver of other breaches of the same provision or other provisions hereof. This Agreement shall not be assigned, nor shall it inure to
the benefit of the successors of the Gallery, whether by operation of law or otherwise, without the prior written consent of the Artist. This Agreement shall be governed by the
law of the State of Florida.

______________________________ (Signature of Artist)      ______________________________ Date

____________________________ (Signature of authorized representative the Gallery)_________________ Date

Mail to the shop: Lisa Boucher c/o Savvy On First, 2263 First Street,  Fort Myers, FL  33901
Contact via email only as everything needs to be in writing to:

consignment code - description-retail price
ABC-2        CRYSTAL VASE                                          $25.00    
ABC-4        EARRINGS BLUE FLOWERS                       $8.00
ABC-5        ACRYLIC PAINTING "BLUE" 12X14              $250.00  
Savvy        Original Artwork Contract